The official YouTube channel of Kamidana-no-Sato

The official YouTube channel of Kamidana-no-Sato introduce kamidana matsuri rituals and various aspects of Shinto Shrines.

Design Kamidana “Kamisama-no-sen” received the 2018 Good Design Award.


Thatched One-Door;Kiso Cypress Wood

For other products, please refer to our product catalog.
In addition to catalog listings, we offer such items as Sotomiya (outer shrine), ancestral shrines, Goshuincho (book of seals),
and talisman. Contact our staff for more information.

Teinaisha (Sotomiya)

Shizuoka Mokko accepts special orders and c onstruction of teinaisha (small residential shrines) to be set up on the premises of private residences and corporations.
Contact our staff for more information.

Store Locations

Kamidana-no-Sato – Main Store

Shizuoka Mokko Company Premises 3217-1 Sumiyoshi, Yoshida-cho Haibara-gun, Shizuoka

Kamidana-no-Sato – Shibuya Hikarie Store

Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs 5F 2-21-1 Shibuya-ku, Shibuya

Kamidana-no-Sato – Coredo Muromachi Store

Coredo Muromachi 2F 1-5-5 Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Kamidana-no-Sato – Shizuoka Store

Aspis Ⅱ 1F 1-8-2 Tokiwacho; Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City

Online Shops

Company Principles

Value the feelings of our customers and help them f eel at p eace through our heartfelt goods.
Contribute to a peaceful future by conveying the heart of Japan hidden within “kansha (gratitude)” and “inori (prayer)”.
Work together with all involved at Shizuoka Mokko and aim to be a company needed by society.

Company Overview

Respecting the rituals of Shinto and matsuri[b] (celebration & prayer for the kami) that have continued since ancient times in Japan, we manufacture and sell kamidana (house hold Shinto altar) and votive objects.Our products and services present th e “Heart of Japan” and “Matsuri at Home” . We developed “Modern Kamidana” and “Design Kamidana” that match today’ s Westernized living environment to address the recent changes in housing and the younger generation’ s shift away from traditional[c] culture; we received a Good Design Award in both 2016 and 2018.With company-managed stores in cities such as Tokyo & Shizuoka; online sales at Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo, Amazon, etc.; and sales at mass retail home centers and more, our business expansion is nationwide.In addition, with the cooperation of local shrines, we also hold sales of kamidana and votive objects within shrine grounds, exhibitions, and classes on matsuri rituals.

Main Customers

Mass Retailer Wholesale

  • DCM Co., Ltd.
  • KOMERI Co., Ltd.
  • Gemco Co. Ltd
  • (Cainz Co., Ltd.)
  • JOYFUL HONDA Co., Ltd.
  • and others; about 40 companies

Retail Stores Wholesale

  • Amina Collection Co. Ltd (Iwakura)
  • Tokyu Hands Inc.
  • THE LOFT Co., Ltd.
  • HASEGAWA Co, Ltd.
  • Yamaki Butsudan Co. Ltd.
  • and others

Online Stores

  • Amazon (retail)
  • Rakuten Ichiba
  • Yahoo! Shopping
  • Askul
  • MonotaRO
  • and others

Shinto Shrine-related


  • Totomi-Ichinomiya Okuni Shrine
  • Tokyo Jinjacho
  • Hie Shrine (Akasaka, Tokyo)
  • Kanda Shrine (Kanda Myojin Shrine)
  • Kanahebisui Shrine (Sendai, Miyagi)
  • Hakone Shrine (Kanagawa)
  • and others